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  1. Complications after spay

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, new to these forums. Quick back story, we found our little Viv in the beginning of October running loose on a busy street. We had placed multiple lost ads and went knocking on doors, and after a month of nobody contacting us, we decided to keep her since she won us over from day 1...
  2. Mating and Emergency Spay Question

    Dog Health Questions
    Pretty sure Bailey is/going to be pregnant. I noticed she started going into heat on the 19th of June and I put her on doggie diapers. She kept on eating them after a while and so I stopped the diapers and kept a watchful eye on her around my dad's intact male schnauzer who is 2x bigger than...
  3. Complications after Neuter

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, I'm new to these forums and am in need of some advice :/ I recently (Friday) had my chihuahua mix Buddy neutered at a TCAP clinic. Basically a discount clinic. The neuter was $50 plus $5 for a pain shot. They sent no antibiotics, NSAIDS, or pain meds. A day later I ended up having to...