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    As an avid Marvel comic book fan, I've always named my pugs after fun plays off of Marvel comic book character names. :rockon: Here is my current pug, The Canine Torch (The Human Torch) In the past I've had: Bruce Panter (Bruce Banner) Deaddrool (Deadpool) Peter Barker (Peter Parker)...
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    I have made a pit bull comic. After reading and seeing all this crap out there, I just get angry. I don't even own a pit, but I care about all dogs, and no breed is in a state like the pit bull. And seriously! If we just treated pit bulls like dogs we could solve this problem (with dogs in...
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    Here is a thread where we can share funny comics, anecdotes and pictures of our lovely animal friends :) This one I particularly love: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/dog_paradox Warning: contains offensive language and content.