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collapsed trachea

  1. Hi from Oscar's mom in Georgia

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, I am new here from Georgia. I am reaching out because my little chihuahua type dog Oscar is chronically ill. I am having trouble dealing with it, in part because I am chronically ill. The poor guy hasn't been himself since he was neutered at age 5 or so. He got some kind of horrible skin...
  2. Collapsed Trachea in Old Terrier

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello I have a 14-15 year old Terrier mix that is in perfect health aside from having a collapsed trachea (ok and I suppose some hearing loss too :]). He's had the "goose honk" cough of a collapsed trachea since my family brought him home when he was around 1 year old. He was in an abusive...
  3. Snorting??

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello there. About a year ago I adopted a male yorkie named Connor who was about 6-7 months old. We had him neutered and he's been a great addition to our family. One concern I have is his "snorting". I ask the following because my hUsband thinks I'm a worry wort and doesn't think I should...