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  1. Is it possible to handle minor medical problems at home?

    Dog Health Questions
    A question for the experienced dog owners here. Is it possible to handle minor medical problems at home, without a trip to the veterinarian? We have a 7 year old golden who is mostly quite healthy, but comes up with minor issues occasionally. Here are some of the things I want to ask about...
  2. Bulimia/Coprophagia and chronic colitis - any connections?

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog loves to eat other animals' poo. She will never eat her own. Whenever I take her to the forest she will scavenge for poo and try to even dig it out. She knows I don't approve, but the drop command won't work and she will even run off with her loot when I try to shoo her away. She won't...
  3. recounting my dog's horrible diarrhea episode this week

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I wanted to share this experience. For a lot of first time dog owners, we're not used to it when our dogs get sick, and we're not used to what kind of progression an illness can take. So, I wanted to share this diarrhea experience. Friday: Dog ok. Gave raw cow knuckle bone Saturday...