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  1. 9 week cockapoo - Abandonment issues - Crate training tips

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all, just hoping for some tips to make sure crate training goes smoothly with Magnus our 9 week old cockapoo who has joined myself, my husband and our 18 month old cocker spaniel Maisie. Ok so first off Magnus is lovely he's a cuddle monster and has only been separated from his siblings...
  2. Looking for a Cavapoo or Cockapoo: Where Do I Buy Them??

    General Dog Forum
    I've been looking for a cavapoo or a cockapoo puppy for a long time now. I'd also love a maltipoo but it would need to be one of the bigger ones bred with a mini instead of a toy. I have been looking on Craigslist but there really aren't any there. The only ones available are the small toy...
  3. Introducing my Cockapoo puppy

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all I'm new here and new to puppy ownership too! We had a family dog when I was growing up but this is the first dog of my/our very own! Here's a quick video of him on his first walk after all his vaccinations were done, I think he's doing pretty well really - he can be a bit of a crocodile...
  4. Hi from DC

    Attention All New Members
    HI from DC. I'm looking for a good breeder of Cavapoos, Cockapoos, Schnoodles, or other midsize poodle mix. Could you please send me any suggestions for a breeder in the DC area.
  5. Sharing a dog?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, Me and my boyfriend have wanted a dog for a long time, and finally met a Cockapoo and fell in love. However, I don't know if it it would be healthy for the dog because it would live some days in his house and some days in my house. Do you have any suggestions/Do you think it is a bad...
  6. HELP! new 3 month old puppy doesn't respond to any commands!!!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    got bought a 3 month old cockapoo 4 days ago and he just lays there on the bed i bought him. He doesn't come when i call him, can't be enticed by treats (even hotdog bites!) and just looks confused and scared half the time. if i take him outside, he just wimpers and tries to go back inside to...
  7. New Home..Dog Chewing Up New Carpet!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi there, My boyfriend and I just moved into our new home with our year and a half old Cockapoo. At our old homes, we would leave him out of his kennel (locked in our bedroom), with toys and food, and he would never have an issue. Now, the two times we have left him out of the kennel in our...
  8. Hello All From Phoebe And Me

    Attention All New Members
    Hi folks, It's good to be here. I am the proud owner of Phoebe - a six month old cockapoo. I run my own website dedicated to cockapoos and wondered how many people on these boards have a cockapoo? It seems that almost every 3rd house on my street has one now..lol. Anyway, glad to visit these...
  9. Dog peeing in house

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a male Cockapoo who's somewhere between 3-5 years old, lately he's started peeing in the house a lot. I thought it might be that he's not getting enough attention so I've tried making sure he gets a walk everyday once I get home from school and I take a break to play with him every once...
  10. Dog poops by food bowl.

    Dog Training Forum
    We have two dogs, Carly and Maggie. They both eat in the mud room after being taken outside to go potty. Both are potty trained and 3 yrs old except Carly likes to poop in the house if she can. Lately we take her out, she does her thing, comes back in to eat, then the second she takes the last...
  11. My adorable puppy demolishing a door!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Check out my cockapoo puppy chasing a ball full speed and smashing into a door! Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv7VGkcUpCg
  12. Bogart, my adorable cockapoo

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Here's a pic of my 6 month old cockapoo. This is Bogart attacking a pumpkin, happy Halloween! He's a 3 quarter poodle and 1 quarter cocker spaniel mix, he's also super energetic when he is not napping. Also here's a video of him being energetic and bouncing off the walls (literally)...