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  1. Coccidia in new puppy - Marquis was supposidly used

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi all, I just purchased an American Shepherd from what I think is a reputable breeder. I took my puppy for first wellness visit 2.5 days after receiving puppy and Coccidia is present in the fecal. History: They puppy was flown to me as I searched high and low for a breeder that did genetic...
  2. Asymptomatic 11 wk puppy with low levels of coccidia

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello - I am new to DogForums.com. I have an 11-week old Labradoodle pup. He had a routine new puppy visit yesterday and a fecal sample came back positive for coccidia - very low levels per the vet. My vet said that there was no need to treat at this time and we would repeat the culture in 4...
  3. Pet Insurance Question -- VPI

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone, Yesterday, I applied for VPI pet insurance for my two month-old Shiba Inu (Nanako :)). Earlier in the day, we had our first visit to the vet who told us that she had coccidia and gave Nanako some albuterol syrup to treat the coccidia by our next appointment (which was to be one...