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  1. Dog Grooming Forum
    Hello! I'm currently doing my qualification for dog grooming (but lockdown making this hard :( ) My question is about attachment combs.. I don't know why I'm confused and probably sounds like a silly question, But basically, I'm confused with 1) When to use them / what breeds? Why do we use...
  2. Dog Grooming Forum
    I have a small dog (11 pounds and 7 months old) and he absolutely hates getting his nails trimmed. He cries bloody murder at the vets and the second time he got his nails clipped the vet which was a different one from the first time cut one nail too short which didn't help matters. I wasn't...
  3. Dog Grooming Forum
    Hi All! I'm looking to both save money and hopefully bond more with my almost 2 year old sheepadoodle (Old eglish sheepdog and Poodle mix.) We got her 16 months ago and up to this point she's been groomed at a groomer or a mobile groomer. While I really appreciate all our mobile groomer does for...
  4. Dog Grooming Forum
    So! To all the dog groomers out there, how do you feel about Laube brand clippers? I've been using Andis brand clippers for years, and seriously dislike Wahl (except for my little Wahl Bravura cordless, perfect for detail work) I've stuck with Andis super 2 speed for a few years and they are...
  5. Dog Grooming Forum
    Howdy All, I am a newbie, and I need to know what are the best clippers. I have 2 adorable, talkative, and loving schnauzers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :D
  6. Dog Grooming Forum
    hello, i've been a hobby groomer for over 30 years. I currently have 3 standard and 1 toy poodle. I just want to keep them trimmed and shaped between groomings. I've had so many kinds of clippers over the years. When i bought my last pair, i considered the Arco because I'd read good groomer...
  7. Dog Grooming Forum
    Ive been professionally grooming dogs for almost two years now and have been using Andis Ultraegde.. I have never had a problem with the clippers but recently started browsing around on the web at other clippers. So far my interest has been caught by the newer pink 5 speed andis clippers and the...
  8. Dog Grooming Forum
    Hi, I'm just looking for a little advise. We have a 15 week old black standard poodle puppy who we have had for one week now. The breeder never clipped the puppies before they went to their new homes. Last Saturday I bathed him, blew him dry and made sure he was completely brushed/combed out...
  9. Dog Grooming Forum
    HELP!! I have a medium sized spaniel mix and she has a heavy coat and undercoat. What are the best type of clippers I can talk my mom into that will last and won't overheat when I try to groom her? Also, where is the best place I can purchase them? ;) Thanks in advance! Calliegirl~
1-9 of 9 Results