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  1. Clicker training: speed bump or road block?

    Dog Training Forum
    I wanted to incorporate a clicker into my dog's training. I gave him his favorite training treat while I used the clicker to get him use to it and the fact that it meant good things but after just a few times he started to turn his head and not take the treat (I was clicking it as he took the...
  2. My Border Collie Reacts Oddly To Clickers & Hand Movements

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello my name is Jono and I have a border collie named "Dex" I adopted about a year ago and I am Basically trying to figure out what the previous owner has taught him. Whenever he hears my BBQ lighter click to ignite he takes off running. I am not sure how she taught him with the clicker but...
  3. Achoo! Meeko gets me a tissue when I sneeze~

    Dog Pictures Forum
    We've been working on it for a while. We were stuck on him handing the tissue to me instead of dropping it right after he pulled it out of the box. I am happy to say he hands it to me now in shorter distances. Yay Meeko!
  4. New to clicker training

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi I'm new here and also new to clicker training What are everyone's thoughts on clicker training? Like or dislike? I have trained many dogs in the past but I want to try clicker training with my gsd who I rescued two months ago. Thanks :)
  5. Funny, but simple dog trick

    Dog Training Forum
    My dog, a border collie, Seven pulling my socks off :)
  6. Advice on Getting a Solid Recall

    Dog Training Forum
    Looking for thoughts and advice on how best to train for a solid recall. Our 7-month-old puppy seems to come when he wants and ignore us when he wants, even though he knows the command. Do I need better treats? Should we play more games (like hide-and-seek)? What do others do? And should I...
  7. Teaching "take a bow"

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for teaching a dog to bow? More specifically, using luring. My dog doesn't offer it on enough occasions for me to capture it. We are having a real tough time with it. I've tried shaping, but his default position is "lie down," and he always lies down...
  8. my dog is afraid of the clicker....any ideas?

    Dog Training Forum
    My Missy is a mini schnauzer/shih tzu mix and she just turned a year old in July. She's very easy to train but has also seemed to develop a fear of strange noises she's not familiar with. I decided to get the Clicker and begin training her with that. I have the little liver treats used for...
  9. My dog can do a backstall!

    Dog Training Forum
    Thought I would share my video with you guys/gals!
  10. A hello from Julia, Guardian and Angel :) Oh and don't forget Othello

    Attention All New Members
    Hi there! My name is Julia and I am in my mid 20's and I share my home with two dogs and a cat. My dogs are Guardian (a 5 yr old BC/Aussie/heading dog) and Angel (3 yr old BC/heading dog). My cat is Othello, he is 3 yrs old. I enjoy training my dogs and teaching them new skills. Training is a...
  11. Pup can "wait", but won't "stay"...

    Dog Training Forum
    I've been working on clicker training my three month Aussie at home (she starts working with our trainer after her original puppy consultation in a few weeks) and she's catching on to everything super quick. At this point, she can sit, shake, lay down, put her head down, come and wait for a...
  12. Amazing Dog Tricks [Video]

    General Dog Forum
  13. :help: Need ideas for clicker training dog busniess

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi my name is Ash and I'm 23 and wanting to open a Clicker/Positive reinforcement dog Training busniess and ideas are welcome event if you think there silly so far family have sugested: "barking mad" "positive leads" "give a dog a bone" "who let the dogs out" :frusty: :doh:im drving my self...
  14. Attempting to clicker train my JRT & having problems...

    Dog Training Forum
    I have two dogs at home. A male JRT and a small female "mutt". My JRT is the more dominant dog of the two. He's very lovable and very intelligent! For a little while now, we've been having some troubles with our JRT. He is consistantly marking just about everything in our kitchen; the chairs...
  15. Help needed - willful dog doesn't love the click

    Dog Training Forum
    I have been clicker training my 6-month-old puppy for the past three months and started on the basics like sit, come etc. I've "primed" the clicker response and she seems to understand the causality and picks up ideas well when I'm training her, but then in practical situations she will...