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clicker training

  1. Clicker Training

    General Dog Forum
    Does anybody here use a clicker to train? I bought one and try to work with Lincoln at least two times a day. So far we are just on name recognition and he is doing better everyday. I have watched a video or two on different ways to clicker train but Im not 100% sure on what all clicker training...
  2. Ideas for improving clicker mechanics

    Dog Training Forum
    After a kind of embarrassing seminar on the weekend, I realized that my clicker mechanics are, while not terrible, in need of improvement. There are a lot of very accomplished clicker trainers here, so I was wondering: what tips/tricks do you have for practicing, trouble-shooting, and improving...
  3. Clicker training a stubborn dog

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, I am attempting to clicker train a recently adopted Greyhound (4 years old). With whatever skill we are working on, once I get to the point where I have added the voice command and she clearly knows what it means, she sometimes does exactly what I want but other times she stares at me...
  4. Clicker training in a kennel environment... (?)

    Dog Training Forum
    I've been reading a fair bit on clicker / marker training, and thought I'd try it on some of the shelter dogs where I volunteer. But then it struck me - if I click for one dog - won't the others, within hearing range, expect a reward as well? (Given they were 'conditioned' to react to the same...
  5. Achoo! Meeko gets me a tissue when I sneeze~

    Dog Pictures Forum
    We've been working on it for a while. We were stuck on him handing the tissue to me instead of dropping it right after he pulled it out of the box. I am happy to say he hands it to me now in shorter distances. Yay Meeko!
  6. 1/2 Alpha Dog - adopted from shelter?

    Dog Training Forum
    So, I have a question about behavior of our female, 2 y.o. American Bulldog "Joy". We adopted her over 4 weeks ago, she was found abandoned near shelter with many little wounds, she was also REALLY scared of men even when they were 5 meters away from her (still scared of unknown, older men). She...
  7. My dog can do a backstall!

    Dog Training Forum
    Thought I would share my video with you guys/gals!
  8. Not good with cats -- can this be changed?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, I'm Benny. I'm 14 years old. It's nice to meet everybody :) My family adopted a 1-year-old beagle girl a few days ago. This is my first puppy (not my first dog, though.) She isn't the greatest with cats -- she appears to want to play, but howls (as beagles do) when the cats hiss at her...
  9. Older Border Collie mix - misc. training questions

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all! I've lurked for a while but never posted. I'm seeking some advice about my 8-year-old dog's training, which has been sporadic at best. She's very smart, a rescue BC mix, and the family dog we've had since I was in 6th grade (I'm now 18). I have a few questions: I'm really interested in...
  10. Training (preferably clicker) ideas for my scottie?

    Dog Training Forum
    I've had my 10 month old Scottie, Finn, for 2 months now. In those two months he's developed an adamant bark whenever men, specifically my dad or boyfriend, are nearby. This barking hasn't really improved at all and he still seems to feel threatened by people who are not me or my mother. We've...
  11. Clikker training

    Dog Training Forum
    Looking for an effective training method? This helped me out TONS!! http://72320c7v2izhav0atw2bte1rcv.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=4KV3BYZZ
  12. Clicker training with another dog around.

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey! I'm a dog trainer in Brazil and I start to work with clicker training a few months ago, but I have a question. How do I work with clicker with another dog around? I always watch videos with more than one dog. The sound of the clicker don't means reward for both dogs? In this video, for...
  13. Troubleshooting paw targeting

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a dog in whom I seem to have very effectively extinguished any paw targeting. I did this accidentally, in teaching "stay" -- by click-and-treating whenever she stopped mouthing and pawing at the treat in my hand. Now, she's very good at waiting and staring for a treat, which is what I...
  14. Charging the clicker - when will I know that he "gets it"?

    Dog Training Forum
    I've started working with my 9 week old lab (Charlie). He isn't the first puppy I've trained, he's my second (LOL) so I am not too experienced at all. I didn't clicker train the first puppy because I was working through a seeing eye dog group and had to follow their training, which was mostly...
  15. Clicker training "burn-out"?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi There, I have an 11-month mixed breed rescue dog that we've had for 6 months now. She has got some "herding dog" in her. I just started clicker trainer her about 3 weeks ago, and she is doing great: recall, going to target, "touch", jumping over low jumps, pushing an exersize ball around...
  16. Help with target stick

    Dog Training Forum
    So I had it in my head that I was going to train Pumbaa to a target stick. Since she's so short, I thought it would be easier to use a stick than my hand when teaching various maneuvers. Now I'm having second thoughts. How will I attach a hand signal to whatever I'm teaching if I've used a...
  17. Help with 101 things to do with a box

    Dog Training Forum
    I am trying to clicker train Pumbaa. She is a smart little devil and so eager to do something do something do something all the time; I think she is a perfect clicker-training candidate. I also think I'm working against some more traditional training methods and I'm having trouble getting past...
  18. Clicker training use for good and bad?

    Dog Training Forum
    when clicker training my 8 week year old boxer puppy can i use clicker training for saying no and good? because i want to use it when he is doing something bad but also when teaching him new tricks