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  1. Pit/mix Help

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, So I'm getting ready to get a place with my boyfriend. It's a big step in our relationship and for my 6 year old son. Well, he'll be bringing his 1 1/2 year old spayed female pit bull mix into the picture. I say she's a "mix" because she definitely doesn't look like other pit bulls...
  2. 2 year old eats dog hair.

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, I have 2 chow shepherds that shed quite a bit. I am constantly pulling dog hair out of my little boys mouth. Is this something I should be worried about? Is it time for the dogs to find a new home? I have shaved them down but it is always a daily struggle to clean up after the hair...
  3. 4 Year old child/boy playing rough with my 2 year old Havanese, help!?!?

    General Dog Forum
    I have two boys, 8 and 4. 8 year old is wonderful with the dog, as expected. The 4 year old; not so much. He always is ready to play with the dog and throw her toy for fetch, but sometimes my 4 year old kicks the dog or plays rough to the point that dog is always watchful and not relaxed with...
  4. My son and neighbor's dog?

    Dog Training Forum
    I've recently moved into a new duplex with two friends. My 18-month-old son will be coming there on a regular basis to visit me. I've recently found out that our land lady, with whom we share the garden, has a dog (border collie/lab mix) that seems to be very poorly socialised. Whenever we've...
  5. Puppy jumping on Todler

    Dog Training Forum
    We're new here; Trigger is our 7 week old German Shorthaired Pointer :cool:, My wife Jessica and I also have a child who just celebrated his first birthday:cool:. Trigger and Isaac are quickly becoming best buddies but Trigger likes to jump on Isaac and nibble a bit during play (Trig...