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  1. Flea management

    Dog Health Questions
    So I'm not entirely sure if this is in the right place, so feel free to correct me. I live in the southeast US. Anyone else from that region can attest to how bad our weather is. We also seem to have more issues with fleas here than other places according to what I've read. The fleas in my...
  2. How to keep dogs away from Chickens?

    General Dog Forum
    So, I love my Danes. More than anything in the world. However, my mother loves her chickens, more than anything in the world. These animals do not mix, unfortunately. We have an older dane who is very strict about keeping anything foreign out of her yard. Despite being raised with livestock...
  3. Please help me find answers to my dilemma with my Godlen Retriever puppy

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi everyone, I have just registered in this forum as it looked to me from the questions and answers here that I could find support and answers to my own questions. We have 4 children of different ages including a baby, run hobby farm in Canada, ON, with goats and chickens, and just recently got...