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  1. Could my gentle giant become a chicken killer?

    General Dog Forum
    Our big guy has lived with our chickens and ducks for 5+ years. He even allowed an orphan chick to bond to him, following him around, sleeping and riding on his head even while he walked around or ate. But mostly he completely ignores them as the share the yard. The past couple weeks he has...
  2. Question about raw feeing and allergy issues

    Dog Food Forum
    As usual, I'm probably overthinking this, but once I get moved to our new house in Oct and will then have a full-size extra freezer that I can use, I'd like to switch Cobber to raw. My question is, if he has an allergy to poultry in kibble, which is a cooked product, would this necessarily mean...
  3. Updated dog food review site?

    Dog Food Forum
    Any recommendations for a dog food review site for canned dog food that is up to date? I once used dog food analysis, but with most reviews for canned food having been done in 2006 I just don't trust the information anymore. Way too much has changed! I have ruled out Wellness & Natural...
  4. Swallowed Chicken Bones

    Dog Health Questions
    During the night sometime my dog got a hold of some chicken bones and remains of a chicken we cooked last night. We aren't quite sure how, but we need help now. He kept waking us up in the middle of the night to be let out 3 times, when normally it is only one time per night to go to the...
  5. can you feed raw occassionally?

    Dog Food Forum
    I've read over much of the raw diet stuff in this forum in the past and decided I don't have the time to feed my 2 dogs raw. I rarely even cook for myself. But, today I made a chicken and have the neck, liver, heart, etc and I'm wondering if I could feed them to my dogs? I have an adult lab...
  6. Kona's Chips

    Dog Product Reviews
    Has anyone tried this brand of dried chicken strips? Our vet told us about them--made by a dog owner whose puppy got really sick from eating the chicken strips from China. We bought them online and our dogs love them and I think I can say that they are safe for them to eat. Has anyone else...