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chicken broth

  1. How do you give your dog his medications? & How do you cook his chicken broth?

    Dog Health Questions
    We adopted a 2 year old rescue dog six days ago. His name is Benji and he's a 9lb chi mix (we think chi-terrier). On Tuesday he had his first vet visit - he's up to date on all his shots and they said he wasn't necessarily due for a visit, but we wanted to establish a primary vet Doctor as soon...
  2. low sodium chicken broth brand without garlic/onion?

    Dog Food Forum
    My dog has struvite crystals, and I've been advised to have him drink more water. I bought a fountain and he seems to drink more, but he's not, by nature, a big drinker. Someone recommended adding a bit of chicken broth to his water, but I'm concerned because they all have onion and/or garlic...