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chewing bed

  1. Best crate pad or dog bed

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have a 6 month old chocolate lab and she is destroying any kind of bed and pillow we give her. We tried giving her the Kong Pet Crate Pad from petsmart but she chewed through that real quick. I've been looking for a tough and durable so she can't chew through it. I found the orvis tough chew...
  2. HELP! Roomates dog is purposely chewing up things!

    General Dog Forum
    Okay...so my roommate rescued a 1 year old shepard/lab/husky mix about 4 months ago. After showing extreme territorial, fear and dog aggression as well as severe seperation anxiety (running away even with me being home unless he's tied up), and having a dog behaviourist come in and meet him...
  3. Destructive Behavior in Crate

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello. I'm asking about my Lab/weim mix today. Need some insight, as I've never had this issue before. Both my lab mixes spend time in their crate. I do let them out to exercise and play, and/or be in the house with us. They are still puppies, though, so it depends on the day and how...
  4. Dog thinks his bed is DELICIOUS

    Dog Training Forum
    LOL not really. My 1 year old australian shepherd mix doesn't actually EAT the bed, but he's destroyed 6 (yes, six) of them. Here's the deal: - Wesley needs A LOT of physical exercise and mental stimulation. Destructive when bored. He's also in the adolescent stage: knows what's right/wrong...