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  1. New Member Introductions
    I was a forum member back when this forum had a different name - can't remember what it was, or what my username was. But I was a brand new dog owner, and this forum helped me grow with my chesapeake bay retriever puppy for the first year of his life. The result of all of the help and advice...
  2. General Dog Forum
    Lets give an example Lets say i was walking with my dog(chesapeake bay retriever) down the street or in through a trail, a guy jumps out of the bushes and grabs a hold of my neck, my dog is pretty big, hes semi aggresive to strange people now, but what do you think the outcome would be?? Would...
  3. Dog Rescue Forum
    My friend Charmaine Hammond has just written a book about Toby, her eight-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever. The book, On Toby’s Terms will be published in September and recounts the heartwarming story of Toby’s journey from incorrigible to incredible. The book’s great and if you are a dog...
1-3 of 3 Results