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  1. Chemicals in dog food tied to decline in sperm quality

    Dog Food Forum
    Wondering how this supports or relates to advocacy for raw/natural food for dogs... Will sperm improve in current generation when fed raw/natural, even though ancestors had reduced sperm quality...
  2. Lymph & Liver Question

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I work part time with a vet and I have a quick query for the forum We had a girl in with an older west highland terrier last week that had fleas and a bacterial ear infection in both ears. We gave her aurizon to treat the ears and Advocate spot on drops to treat the fleas. Links to both...
  3. Paws to Consider

    General Dog Forum
    I hear a lot about dogs, cancer and limb amputation at work each day, which motivated me to write this: The sun is out, and you are planning to spend a few of your vacation days getting some work done in the yard. Great! Now, go get your weed killers, your pesticides and other yard chemicals…...