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  1. Dog Chat! (since the other doesnt work)

    Off Topic
    Since no one seems to be able to get the other chat room working (including me) I generated a chat code here: http://chat.parachat.com/chat/login.html?room=DogForumsChat&width=740&height=500&bg=ffffff&fg=000000&lang=en Let me know if it works, if not, I will try to make one on the spare space...
  2. Let's chat!

    General Dog Forum
    Would anyone care to chat? Here is the easy-join link: http://java.freenode.net/ How to get in - For "Nickname," Just type in the name you use here. - For "Channel," type dogforums - Then just press "connect," wait a few seconds, and you're in! Or, if you're an irc wiz, you can do it that way...