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  1. My Caucasian Ovcharka "LION" at 8 1/2 months

    Dog Pictures Forum
    It's going to be exciting to watch how big he will get when he reaches the 2 year old mark...:) "Don't even think about getting any closer! "
  2. Pictures of my Caucasian Ovcharka puppy

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I introduce to you all: "Lion", my CO puppy. "Lion" is 11 weeks old now and kicks some serious butt in obedience (please don't lecture me regarding this...you have to see it to believe it). Enjoy the pics ;)
  3. Should i get a caucasian mountain dog puppy ??

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I live in a duplexe house with a mid-sized rooftop which is provided with a proper dog shelter. Our house is in a moderately noisy- yet predictable- suburban environment with passing cars, chat and sounds from neighboring houses all day long....BUT NOT DURING THE NIGHT . So after i spent hours...