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  1. Hi Everyone

    Attention All New Members
    I am hoping this is an active forum. I am looking for some training advice for a 2 yr old high prey drive GSD. He is terrified of other dogs, and is way too pushy with my cats. We have had him only 3 weeks, but I need some ideas to nip all this before it gets out of control.
  2. Hello from PetsKona

    Attention All New Members
    Hi all, We are a team which are dedicated towards getting shelters for the pets. We would really like to say hello to all and keep participating on discussion where we could provide help.
  3. Hey Guys I'm new in This Forum

    Attention All New Members
    I just bought my dog to my new house, well we have a cat there. The dog is scared of the cat, they are the same size. The cat hates the dog. Kitty stares him down and hisses. Won't give him the time of day. What do I do?
  4. Sheltie and cat playing

    Dog Training Forum
    I have two pets: a Sheltie named Bliss and a cat named Luke. We've had Bliss since she was a puppy, and we adopted Luke earlier this year. Both animals are about a year and a half old. I've had dogs my entire life but not cats, so this is my first experience having a dog and a cat. Bliss is...
  5. Hi everyone I'm new here

    Attention All New Members
    Hello how is everyone. Glad to be here. I am a animal lover and have a Facebook page That I post different animals on everyday and I enjoy doing it. What do all of you's do? and what kind of animals do yous have. I have a dog, cat and use to have birds as well. I also design animal clothing with...
  6. Reporting for Duty!

    Attention All New Members
    Greetings !:wave: I'm from Chicago with a passion for animals. I was a dog owner way back when, but had to give him up due to my living conditions. I currently have two daughters (cats) Zoey and Safa. I hope to have dogs join our crew in the future once I'm settled into my career. For now...
  7. Tips for too energetic/rough playing dog.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi everybody, I'm the owner of a 1 and a half yo old pitbull mix. I found him on the streets when he was about 3 months old, very weak and with a broken leg. Once he recovered, for the next year or so he made my life a living hell. Biting, barking, peeing wherever, destroying every piece of...
  8. Heartburn in Dogs and Cats

    Dog Health Questions
    Is your dog or cat not eating well? It could be heartburn! Click here for more information.
  9. Tried & True Methods to Ease Cats' Comfort around New Puppy?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, all, I'm a first time dog owner (as an adult). I have 2 cats, male (5 years) and female (6 years). I brought my puppy, Duke, home about 4 weeks ago. He spent the first 2 weeks completely confined to the kitchen all day and night, except about 2 hours in the evenings when he lays on the...
  10. Yet Another New Member

    Attention All New Members
    Thought perhaps I should introduce myself before asking a question. I have a mixed breed dog who looks a bit like a fox, only perhaps larger. I've heard some say she has some Border Collie in her (is that how you spell that breed?). I wouldn't mind hearing what you experienced folks think she...
  11. Rottie Not Liking Small Animals

    Dog Training Forum
    I have two cats, and one toy dog. I recently got a Rottie who I was told by his last owners that he was okay with small animals, but easily corrected. He constantly chases after my cats, barks, and whines at them, and then constantly barks at my roommate's daughter's toy dog. He's a sweet dog...
  12. Advice needed on 2 year old newfie that is not housetrained.

    Dog Training Forum
    I live in New Zealand and it has come to my attention that there is a female 2 or 3 year old newfie that the owner wants to sell, as she has 3 of them and they are too much. I have not seen the dog yet. She is asking 1000.00 for it and puppies are 3k here. The dog has not been in the house and...
  13. Funny video showing the difference between cats and dogs [vid]

    General Dog Forum
    lol, just stumbled upon this vid and thought it was funny :D
  14. Breed Suggestions?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello everyone! I'm a newbie here (although I have been reading these threads for a while now). I'm looking for some feedback on what breed you folks think would suit my family, so hopefully someone can help. Here is some background on us! My boyfriend and I live together currently in an...
  15. ~Slight Emergency With Two New Great Danes Having Agression With Our Cats~

    Dog Training Forum
    So, to start off we recently adopted(about 4 days ago) two Great Danes(came as a pair) who are approximately 3 and 4 years old. One is male-Zeus, the other female-Mila. We already have two other dogs-one male and one female who we have had since they were puppies. We also have cats at home, all...
  16. Have entered a competition to raise funds for a dog charity.

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, I'm just wanting to ask the Forum Administrator permission to post a link. I've entered this competition called Sunsuper Dreams to try and raise funds of $ 5000 for the charity of my choice and wanting to know if I can find other Dog Lovers to help me. I've been following this one...
  17. Dog lover with big question! Why I joined site...Eng. Bulldog, Yel. Lab, Crazy Cat

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! Im Ulysses, and I am looking for some advice given a specific situation of mine. I might post this in other threads too, but I am basically looking for any advice regarding bringing home a yellow lab female puppy to my 3 year old english bulldog male and 1 year old female cat. I have always...
  18. Natural, Eco Friendly Medicine for your Pet

    Welcome to Arcanatura dog lovers! With over 80 million pets in America, the environmental impact our pets have on our planet is often greatly underestimated. Arcanatura produces high-end, organic products for dogs, cats and horses that aim to reduce the extreme environmental impact pets have on...
  19. How do you train a dog with a strong prey drive, especially towards cats??

    Dog Training Forum
    I have an australian cattle dog -"zero" about 16 mos. old. I rescued him about 8 months ago from the humane society - think he was a stray - no name or story - no leash training, etc. Super smart dog though, within a few months I taught him a whole array of tricks, leash training has been a...
  20. Do you have a pet hair problem?

    Dog Product Reviews
    I started using a Fur-Zoff to remove pet hair. It works great on clothes and furniture and I don't have to use lint rollers anymore. I wasted a lot of $$ on lint rollers previoulsy. A Fur-Zoff costs only $9.99 and lasts forever, so it's good for the environment. I recommend one to any dog/cat...