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catalan sheepdog

  1. Exercise ideas for high-energy puppy? URGENT!!

    Dog Training Forum
    Our Catalan Sheepdog, Fizz, is very calm and sweet natured, but because she hasn't had her 2nd/3rd vacs, she is going mad for want of exercise! She will chase balls, but bring them back to a few feet away, sometimes dropping them for you. Her lead training is also going out of the window outside...
  2. My puppy jumps at, play-bites and barks at just one person in the family?

    Dog Training Forum
    Our new Catalan Sheepdog, Fizz, always gets over excited when she sees my sister in particular, especially when she is wearing her dressing gown/pyjamas, and will run at, jump up at, bark at and try to play-bite at her clothes. This is really out of character for her, as she is usually...
  3. My puppy keeps play-biting and jumping up at one person in the family? Help?!

    Attention All New Members
    We have a Catalan Sheepdog (Fizz). She has only been here 5 days, but now that she is settled in, she's starting to play-bite, bark at and jump up at my sister (but no-one else). My sister is quite scared because she is normally very, very calm and sweet-natured, but she can get over excited by...