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  1. Dog car carrier for new model Ford Fiesta

    General Dog Forum
    Hi. I have a medium-size dog and can't find a transport crate for her to fit in my Ford Fiesta boot. I'm looking for a canvas-type build that measures no more than 54cm x 92cm x 40 cm with side entrance. I can't find one anywhere! Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I'm in the UK. Thanks.
  2. Flying with your dogs - ever done it?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, My name is Mel and I'm going to be flying from Denver, CO to Baltimore, MD in about a month with my 16 month old italian greyhound/rat terrier mix. My Shimmer is...tall and long-legged, and I'm worried about all of the rules and regulations about her being able to stand up etc...
  3. Puppy Purse - Convenient Or Cruel?

    General Dog Forum
    Does anyone else think these are the stupidest things ever? What happened to good, old-fashioned leashes or regular puppy carriers? That just looks so ... uncomfortable.