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  1. Prefers to poop on carpet upstairs, won't poop outside alone

    Dog Training Forum
    We have a 2 year old min-pin/chihuahua mix. He was originally mine, but when I had to move back home, he and my dad adopted each other. When I first got him, he seemed to have some separation anxiety, and I later discovered that he had undeniably been abused with a broom. Even as a small puppy...
  2. New Home..Dog Chewing Up New Carpet!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi there, My boyfriend and I just moved into our new home with our year and a half old Cockapoo. At our old homes, we would leave him out of his kennel (locked in our bedroom), with toys and food, and he would never have an issue. Now, the two times we have left him out of the kennel in our...
  3. New puppy issues

    Dog Training Forum
    This is all to be expected... Vixen is a great puppy, just 10 weeks old today. We cannot afford dog training, so we are forced to try this out on our own and hope for very good tips to come our way. Vixen has housetraining pads in the bathroom where she sleeps, since she absolutely hates her...