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  1. Dog sickness dosage

    Dog Health Questions
    I have read in may places that Strychninum Phosphoricum x200 is good for dog car sickness (and boy do we need it) but the only information about using it is that you should only need one dose. Nothing is telling me what actual is a single dose. The bottle contains 10g of granules. Please...
  2. Captain and the car!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi all - I adopted Captain from a rescue home last week. On the journey home he drooled like there was no tomorrow and eventually threw up. On that journey he also scrabbled around a lot. He's since been on a couple of car journeys - just very short ones to the park. He's still drooling and has...
  3. Taking our first vacation! - Tips for long car rides?

    General Dog Forum
    Nibbler is going to be going on his first vacation that requires a bit of a drive. He is a 8.5lb Miniature Pinscher who is two and half years old. He will be in a crate for the duration of the car ride. We are going to making a four hour drive to our destination(not including the time taken for...
  4. 3 of a Kind

    Attention All New Members
    For all dog lovers, look at these 3 beauties. I snapped the picture in Wayne, PA. http://instagram.com/p/l04xiyJnVf/
  5. Question about getting our new puppy home across country

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Our schitzu just passed away after 12 wonderful yrs. What a great companion & friend he was. We want to get another dog from the same breeder in Wisconsin because her dogs are bred for excellent, gentle temperament, to be great with kids, very little barking, high levels of intelligence...
  6. Car Chasing Problem

    Dog Training Forum
    *Hi all. I'm new to dogs, I've never even lived with one till my friend gifted me a Springer Spaniel pup last X-mas. The pup is 6 months old now and he's doing fairly well with training, however, he's terrible by roads. *I live in the country, and I have no car during daylight on weekdays, so...
  7. Dogs in Cars - what do YOU use?

    General Dog Forum
    Im curious to what everyone does to keep their dogs safe in the car. I recently bought 3 seatbelts that connect to my dogs harness' with one end a seat belt clip and the other a regular clasp to attach to the harness. Its adjustable and works well but they are taking some time to get used to it...
  8. Dog Gets Car Sick

    General Dog Forum
    So I took my dogs for a ride to the park today. This is my first time actually taking them for a ride and I noticed one was looking sad the whole ride. When we came to a stop I noticed one pooped a little on the seat then when I was finally able to get him out he threw up some. I was told that...
  9. exercise - Electric remote control car?

    Dog Health Questions
    I don't know if this is the correct section of this forum, but I figure health involves exercise, too. I like a dog that has been allowed to express it's energy. Further, it is nice if the owner doesn't have to break a big sweat while exercising the dog. Has anyone noticed the new, electric...
  10. Dog car carrier for new model Ford Fiesta

    General Dog Forum
    Hi. I have a medium-size dog and can't find a transport crate for her to fit in my Ford Fiesta boot. I'm looking for a canvas-type build that measures no more than 54cm x 92cm x 40 cm with side entrance. I can't find one anywhere! Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I'm in the UK. Thanks.
  11. TWISTEP Pet Step?

    General Dog Forum
    Has anyone used a product like the TWISTEP before? http://twistep.com/ It looks really cool and exactly what I need. Will I need to do some training with the Dog? This type of step looks a lot better than ramps. Ramps seem like a good idea to get them into the car but then they take up all the...
  12. Jake Needs Help Riding in Car-- Suggestions Please

    General Dog Forum
    We got Jake out of foster care about a year ago. He was about 2 years old. He eagerly got in the car with us and has ever since. But..he has always gotten anxious when we drive over 30/35 mph. This anxiety has escalated over time into sheer unabated panic. He's an altheltic mutt (maybe...
  13. Close encounters of the doggy kind!

    General Dog Forum
    I feel like telling you people some close encounters my dogs have had...with death! :eek: Then I hope to hear some stories you might have to tell. Okay let's start with Lazy my GSD, he's had about 4 encountersthat I can't remember of. #1. Lazy has a bad habit of running after cars, well... My...
  14. Car Chasing/Herding - HIT - Border Collie

    Dog Training Forum
    Alright, so I have an issue with this. My friends dog was recently it trying to heard a car. I'm not sure if it was her car, or another one but they live out in the middle of nowhere and their drive-way is at least a mile long. Along this drive their Border Collie Puppy who is.... 6-7 months...