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  1. Hello!, Posting from the UK

    Attention All New Members
    Hello guys, My name is hannah, I'm 21 and studying Canine behaviour. I am aiming to one day become a canine behaviourist and put my knowledge to the test, but at the moment, dedicating all my time to as many courses as i can :) I live in Plymouth, England. Owned a family dog called Marley and...
  2. Dealing with Canine Crankiness...

    Dog Training Forum
    We have four dogs at my house, and, generally speaking, we have very few issues with how they interact with one another. However, recently I've noticed some negative interactions between two of them, and I was hoping that I could get some insight or help with addressing the issue. Before I get...
  3. Lulu- a little Papillion with a *BIG* jump.

    General Dog Forum
    ignore Closing it, don't think I can just delete the thread though. If I knew how I would. I don't jump her this high that often, she's a young athletic dog and can handle a few bigger fences. If she wasn't willingly jumping then I wouldn't have put the fences that high in the first place...
  4. Woooof wooof bark bark wag wag

    Attention All New Members
    Greetings, My name is Sam and our dog is Roux. (pronounced Roo). It is the only human word he knows how to say. He's a miniature black lab... ok I jest. He's a JackRussel/Whippet/Poodle cross. He's super cute and here's his picture. That's him taking a bath. Smoke break
  5. Hi I am Lisa from CA with a Minature Schnauzer and a Border Collie

    Attention All New Members
    I just found this site as I am frantic about my schnauzer that seems to have to have her anal glands expressed every two weeks. I think it has to do with diet and her needing more fiber??? I was also told her glands are down below at 4 30 and 5 30 which is a problem. Any suggestions i would...