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  1. Fourth of July Special!

    Summer's Paw, LLC
    Offer Ends: July 6, 2014 www.SummersPaw.com
  2. MARCH Promotion - Enjoy 20% off on Dog Food & Treats

    Summer's Paw, LLC
    We're starting our March Promotion with 20% off your order of dog food or dog treats. We offer premium brands such as Acana, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Nature's Variety, Orijen, Wellness & ZiwiPeak. Just use coupon code, PAW, at checkout. This offer is good for this week and ends March 7, 2014...
  3. My dog is being treated for a UTI. Being fed Canidae.

    Dog Health Questions
    Less than a week ago, I woke up to number 1 type doggy mess all over the house. I thought of it as being weird as my dog is usually very good with her potty breaks. When I took her out, i noticed that she was "peeing" more than her usual "sniff here-pee here" activities she usually engages in...
  4. Which dog food have you found to be the best for your dog?

    Dog Food Forum
    My golden retriever had been on Wellness for a year, when he suddenly started getting colitis from it. Different batch or formula change, presumably. Now I am looking for another good brand. Seems like Canidae used to be considered good, but people have been complaining about their formula...
  5. Canidae Changing formula?

    Dog Food Forum
    I have read multiple places and on the Canidae website that they are changing their formula and that Diamond has bought Canidae (that is not on their website it is word of mouth I tried to call but their phones were flooded). What are your thoughts on the new formulas and the change to Diamond...