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  1. Seeking Information about Spindles Cells/Fibrosarcoma

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm waiting for my dog Blaze's surgical consult and surgery next week with the surgical specialist and trying to get as much info as possible beforehand. Three and a half months ago, Blaze ( approx. 9 1/2 y/o pitt/shepherd mix, about 72 pounds), had a lump on his left upper back leg (almost up...
  2. Mast Cell Cancer

    Dog Health Questions
    Dog Forums community, I wanted to take a quick minute to just warn you all of the danger of Mast Cell cancer in dogs and share our terrible experience. This past summer was the most heartbreaking and traumatizing few weeks of our lives, as we lost our ACD, who had only just turned 7 years old...
  3. Mr. Rocko

    Attention All New Members
    Hello everyone, I never usually post or ask questions, but I am on a verge of a breakdown. Don't handle dog health problems well. My dog, 6 year old Jack Russell Mix, is having yellow stool for the last two weeks. It's either soft or diahrea like. Not watery, just either formed and soft or...
  4. 2nd Mast cell tumor on dog's lip

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, My 2 years old mix dog had a Mast cell tumor(grade 2) on her ear and got removed it 1 month ago. Our vet recommended to see Oncologist because there is a concern of lymphatics(which we didn't do yet). Recently, I found a small lump under her nose. It looks like a Mast cell tumor. What I...
  5. Our family dog is reaching the end of his life.

    Dog Health Questions
    This will probably be pretty long, I'm sorry. I'll put a summary at the bottom. Just in case there's any confusion, I do not live with my parents or our family dog anymore, so I was given some of this information over the phone after a vet appointment today but I think we talked about mostly...
  6. Mom of Maltese with Mast Cell Tumor

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! I have a 13 yr old maltese with a mast cell tumor on her tiny right ankle (hock). We've been treating this together since November and are coming here to look for more ideas and are happy to share what we have learned.
  7. Hard time eating with Lower Jaw Removed

    Dog Food Forum
    Sorry in advance for the long post. I figured more information was better! Our 14 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Toby, had Oral Melanoma and had to have his lower right jaw removed last September. His tongue now just falls out of his mouth and hangs down the right side of his face and often...
  8. Dietary Recommendations for Cancer Recovery in Dogs & Cats

    The Honest Kitchen
    Diet can be a powerful tool in the fight against pet cancer. We all fear that awful “C” word. It’s a feeling of helplessness when a beloved pet has the unfortunate diagnosis of cancer. When pet guardians come to me for advice on how they can help their pet recover from cancer, the first thing I...
  9. My Lab she has a Cancerous Tumor

    Attention All New Members
    I'm looking for help Sadie will not eat her normal food she will eat hotdog and what we eat. What can I do to get her to eat?
  10. Had to put our buddy Piper down last night

    Dog Health Questions
    Our pal, a sweet, 11-year old golden, had to be put down last night after suffering major internal bleeding due to some hemangiosarcomas the doc at the vet's hospital found last night. She yelped out in pain at dinner last night, peed her pants and then barfed everywhere. We're suffering here as...
  11. Histiocytic Disease..... What?!?

    Dog Health Questions
    So took my dog into the vet today after a long stint of about 3/4 months of on/off again eating.. Some of issues we been having is the following 1. Loss of food drive (Will eat treats/other foods no issue) 2. Cough/Gag (Just started this past few weeks not more than once/twice a day Took my...
  12. Paw problems. Worried about something serious.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello. My pup is a rambunctious piece of work, full of spit fire and the endless energy of a Border Collie/Lab/and Mereema. She is just over a year old, and she can go for hours and never tire. When our house became in danger of flooding in the recent Alberta weather, my boyfriend and I moved to...
  13. Help, my dog with cancer which has caused an upset stomach

    Dog Health Questions
    Two months ago my dog was diagnosed with cancer. Ever since then I have tried one thing or another to keep her eating. Recently she stopped eating completely and I am trying to get her to eat again. What I have noticed is that the cancer has given her an upset stomach. I am wondering if anyone...
  14. Lymphoma or not? Aspirates say yes- biopsy days no- what could it be?

    Dog Health Questions
    Our 6 year old Dudley lab Buttars started a funny cough about 3 weeks ago with vomiting. We weren't very concerned about the vomiting because we live by a lake and he is constantly getting into snakes and all sorts of other animals. He gets taken tothe vet probably twice a year for garbage gut...
  15. My 15 year old dog has a bleeding tumor in her mouth

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog has a tumor in her mouth that has begun bleeding every few days. She has had cancer for more then four years. We had one tumor removed but almost lost her after the surgery, so we don't think its an option anymore. She has many lumps and a big growth on her paw, but up until the last...
  16. Liver problems

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone! I've spoken to a few of you throughout my experiences with rescuing Lily and her getting sick, and so on if you all remember! Well now, the plot thickens! I took Lily to the vet because I noticed she had been having a few tinkle accidents on herself. First my vet went ahead and did...
  17. Beagle With Bloody Urine

    Dog Health Questions
    My 10-year-old beagle has been having health trouble lately. It started with frequent urination, so the vet treated him for a urinary infection. But he still was straining to go to the bathroom, so the vet did a sonogram and found a mass in his bladder. Occasionally, my dog would have little...
  18. How long will my sick dog live?

    Attention All New Members
    Hi there, I am new here and i do apologise if i'm posting this in the wrong area. My beautiful Labrador Libby was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of months ago after i took her to the vet as she seemed to be hacking and making weird noises as if trying to clear something out of her throat...
  19. My dog has myriad issues :(

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 13 years old husky/lab mix. I raised her since she was 4 months old. I fixed her during her puppy age. She always has been a high energetic dog and suddenly around 3 years ago (around age 10) I noticed she is having urinate situations. First this started with a little wet spot under her...
  20. Need help with researching possible diagnosis - not abscess, what is it?

    Dog Health Questions
    I own a 10 1/2 year old male Shar Pei/Lab mix - Bruiser. Great demeanor, attitude and health. Over the past month or so, his Right eye has begun to bulge farther and farther out. His thir eyelid is exposed and the eyelid does not fully close. His physical attitude is a roller coaster from...