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  1. Poor little puppy (new pics)

    General Dog Forum
    Another tough week for Bunk. First he gets neutered, then he's not allowed to do anything fun because of the surgery, then he has explosive diarrhea, then he catches a cold. Worst part is that he is now teething so I'm getting attacked by his mouth every five seconds :doh: Oh well, at least...
  2. Puppy officially knows when he is being bad

    General Dog Forum
    My puppy, Bunk, officially knows when he is being bad. As a general rule, we do not let Bunk into our room unless he is in his crate or we have him on our bed. Early today Bunk ran into the room after I left the door open and went right after my girlfriend's stuffed animals. The minute I walked...
  3. Bunk's great weekend

    General Dog Forum
    Had such a great weekend with Bunk! We went to this park about two miles away from our house and had a blast!. The best part was that we were able to let Bunk off his leash for the first time in an open area and had did soooooo well :) He didn't wander too far from us and he came to us when we...
  4. Peeing on the Carpet

    Dog Training Forum
    My pug bunk does something really strange: When he pees outside he squats down really lowing while going, but when he's in the house he just pees in a regular standing position. I'm trying really hard to give him more time outside the crate, but it's really hard to give him more freedom when he...
  5. Rawhide alternatives

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog puppy recently had some difficulties with some rawhide (a mentioned this on some earlier post) and was wondering if anyone can recommend a chew treat similar to rawhide that is healthy and safe for pugs. Bunk loves rawhide, but I'm afraid he likes it a little too much and makes it really...
  6. Bunk's triumph(It's hard being a Pug)

    General Dog Forum
    Bunk set a wonderful milestone today: He sat and held his place for 30 seconds and moved only when we gave him the command to do so! :rockon: In addition, he made it through rawhide swallowing incident without any issues and he is no longer peeing in his crate. The only sad thing is, we are...
  7. Tough week (new pics)

    General Dog Forum
    Wow made it though the week in one piece! This was Bunks first week alone during the day while I was at work. While he does have a dog walker who loves him and takes care of him through mid-day, I can clearly see a difference in Bunk. Luckily we have a three day weekend and will be able to spoil...
  8. Bunk finds himself in his crate

    General Dog Forum
    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with you a little creative writing. I write a blog from the perspective of my dog, Bunk that I would like to share with everyone. Stuck in the crate Let me know what you think!