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  1. Dachshund has some skin bumps

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello there! I've just set up a vet appointment but in the meantime, I thought I'd post and see if anyone else has experienced something like this. So my 9-year-old short-haired Dachshund has a cluster of hard bumps on top of the skin under her armpit. I first noticed them several days ago, and...
  2. Dog has pink mole looking bump on her back?

    Dog Health Questions
    I can't say how long she's had it but I barely noticed today. She doesn't seem to be in pain when I touch it, she's eating fine, she's acting fine. I just don't know what it could be. Of course I am going to be taking her to the vet soon but I just wanted someone's opinion! Thanks!
  3. Worried - Does my dog have mange?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey everyone! I need some help figuring out what is going on with my dog, Max. Last night I noticed he had a bump on the very top of his head and when I checked back a couple hours later, there were two more. Now, one day later, they are a little bigger and there are a few more on his cheeks. I...
  4. Akita bumps on Snout :(

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi New to forum, My Japanese Akita has small bumps that I can feel on her snout. Not a lot of them but around 3 or 4. She doesnt seem to be in pain or irritated by it. Visually I cant see anything except brown spots where the bumps are and the hair a little matted and swirly. Should I be...
  5. Any Advice?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello everyone. I'm a new member on this site, just joined moments ago actually. I joined this site because I needed some help with finding out what was wrong with my German shepherd and this seemed like a reliable source to get help and advice from other dog owners who may have had this...
  6. white bumps on dogs penis

    General Dog Forum
    My dogs a 2 year old labradoodle. My mom cut his hair because he was getting too shaggy, and a day or 2 after the head of his penis became swollen and white bumps started appearing around it.. i have no idea what it is, but he keeps licking it