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  1. Is my dog an American Bully?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Good day. My cousin gave me an American Bully and I really liked him from day 1 up until now. He said both parents are American Bullies (dam is pocket while sire is standard). Though I don't see any other growing american bullies personally, I know what they'll looke like on maturity. I would...
  2. Hello! New member wondering if my dog is a bully...

    Attention All New Members
    Hello! I am the lucky owner of a sweet, playful, energetic black lab mix named Charley (~11 months old). We adopted him when he was ~7 months old and put him immediately in basic training. He knows his commands, is not destructive, gets oodles of exercise and really is just a joyful, exuberant...
  3. Save my wife...from my barking dog!

    Dog Training Forum
    I travel a fair amount for business and when I am gone, my dog barks incessantly at my wife. It happens even when I am in town, but just out of the house for a while. When I am home, my dog is very close with my wife and completely leaves her alone. She does not bark in a mean or aggressive...

    General Dog Forum
  5. My Bullies Stella, Spanky and Coqi

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Stella (18mos) and Coqi (11mos) are Brindle and White Mini Bulls (Stella is with me in the BOB show photo) and Spanky is my deaf Standard Bully. Coqi is actually my mom's, but comes over for frequent visits/romps :) I hope you enjoy the pics, they are the centers of my universe! If you have...
  6. American Bulldog Questions

    General Dog Forum
    Hello forum, I have a few questions. I have been researching American Bulldogs, and I came across a section stating their is a Johnson style (Bully) and Scott style (Standard). I was looking all over online for pictures that show the difference, so if anyone can point me in a direction with...