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bully sticks

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    Hello, fellow dog lovers! My name is John, and I own a company called Pawfectly. I want to say I am honored to be a part of your forum. We have been operating in the Dog Supply industry for literally over 50 years with brick and mortar stores. Recently we decided to take our business online...
  2. Dog chews are essentially by-products?

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi everyone. This has been bothering me for a while: I did extensive research to make sure the kibble I feed my 1 year old dog is free of animal by-products and has all the nutritional content he needs. For chews, we give him things such as antlers, bully sticks, and other digestible cow parts...
  3. Where to buy bully sticks

    Dog Food Forum
    Has anyone used this site: http://www.bestbullysticks.com/ to buy bully sticks? They look great based on their product descriptions. What experience have you had with them? And are the odorless bully sticks really odorless? I have a 40-pound lab-chow mut named Dingo Barry. He was born in the...