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  1. Dog Food Forum
    Hello everyone I have a 1.5 year old Belgium malinois English bull terrier mix who’s a beautiful boy he’s healthy, happy, energetic, loving, playful, and very much a lap dog. He’s currently pushing 60 lbs but I was wondering if there way a way for me to help him get a bit bigger put some more...
  2. General Dog Forum
    Why don’t American bully breeders be upfront on pup pricing? Right now a pocket to micro bully pup is starting from 5K to 25k (ridiculous). These “bully” breeders want to make top dollar off this newish breed off dog and make it a luxury dog like the frenchies however every time I inquire or...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I am new to this forum as well to the ownership of a beautiful bully pup. Figured I could use some tips from fellow dog lovers now that I own a very needy bread of dog. :rockon:
  4. Dog Pictures Forum
    Ohai ya'll. I said I would come back with some more pics, so here they are :D She's still a work in progress, but we're working on it, and she's whip smart so it's pretty easy :) "GIMME MEEEEEAT" -- This is also how I look during training sessions with her lol. I wear the leash around my...
  5. General Dog Forum
    :wave: So I know that this is a well-known fact around the forum, but I figured that I would start a thread to talk about the certain areas in the US that ban ownership of certain bully breeds i.e Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, etc. I Live on the the east coast and I would definitely find this info...
  6. Dog Pictures Forum
    so over the christmas and new year holiday we got a lot of snow here in virginia beach va. check the pics of my pitbull motley playin in the snow if youd like to see more pics check out Motley's blog at www.motleysjourney.blogspot.com he loves meeting new friends!!
  7. General Dog Forum
    When certain towns or states out-law pitbulls it reminds me SOOOO much of racism. Like VERY VERY much. Like "Pitbulls aren't alowed here." Reminds me of walking into a store and someone says "People of your kind aren't allowed here." When I was little a golden retreiver bit me right above the...
1-7 of 8 Results