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  1. Words of wisdom needed!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi everyone, I hope that everyone and their pets are good. I am a first time doggie owner. Feya is a French Bulldog and is just over 4 months old now. We only got her a month ago. I have a few questions that I hope some experienced frenchie owners could shed a light on and I thank you in...
  2. Dog lover with big question! Why I joined site...Eng. Bulldog, Yel. Lab, Crazy Cat

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! Im Ulysses, and I am looking for some advice given a specific situation of mine. I might post this in other threads too, but I am basically looking for any advice regarding bringing home a yellow lab female puppy to my 3 year old english bulldog male and 1 year old female cat. I have always...
  3. Bulldog pup poopie problem..

    Dog Training Forum
    I posted before about some potty training issues I'm having with my baby bulldog Bruno, and with some slight changes and new additions to my potty training routine, i must say he is doing very good. Except for one thing. He will have a mini poopie accident in his crate overnight. And he seems...
  4. New to Owning Dogs, Looking for Breed Advice

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello all, my name is Koco and I'm new to the forums. I've wanted a dog forever but was never allowed when I lived with my mother, and I had been doing pet-sitting for years. I moved out on my own a little over a year ago but still thought I was too young to have a dog. It wasn't until I...
  5. American bulldog coloring/markings

    General Dog Forum
    I am new to the American bulldog breed as Cain is our very first. Some people have told me that ABD are solid white with markings. I was just wondering because our Cain is solid black with white on his chest and very little white on his (chin) area He looks just like the ABD puppies in the...
  6. Poster Bully for Pawducure

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Coco loves having her nails done....I grind them, and on occasion paint them and you can tell she would just love to shout out I AM SO BEAUTIFUL!