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  1. bsl situation really bad

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    shocking situation _ i have a fox terrier opinions please http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMsMjiMcXCo http://www.chazhound.com/forums/t54164/ i did not write these forums...
  2. Columnist Confirms Media Bias in 'Pit Bull Attack' Stories

    General Dog Forum
    A good read. I know most of us know this already, but it might be a good link to share with those who still believe that there is a 'Pit Bull attack epidemic' in this country.
  3. Carthage MS Pit Bull, Rottweiler Ban passed...NO grandfather clause.

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    pdf of Carthage newspaper article pdf of actual ordinance :mad: edit to correct mistake they talking about ADDING rotties
  4. Anyone who works with pits

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    Can you help me? I was gonna write an essay for this one scholarship, but it expired. :( BUT, I need another piece for my english portfolio, and I'm planning to do an article on how animal distrimination is, well, stupid. My main subject is on how Pit Bulls are wrongfully discriminated (sp)...