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  1. Why does my dog feel the need to step on me?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I am 95lbs soaking wet and I got a dog because I need a reason to get out of bed, because I'm sick. Now the dog that I got she's about 45lbs and deaf as a doorknob, and that's fine. I've been teaching her sign language, but for some reason she decided that she wants to stand on top of me with...
  2. I need some help with this!!!! Please help!!

    General Dog Forum
    My youngest Pit (4yrs and 5 mos) recently went though Pyometra surgery. And I noticed a bruise on he stomach next to but not on the incision. It is almost a purple color not black and blue like us humans get. I was just wondering if this is normal after such a surgery. I know that the stretch...