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broken leg

  1. 15 week frenchie broke her leg advice

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, My wonderful cute french bull dog who is only 6.6lb (below the growth curves for her breed) fell of the bed. I went to grab her when she got to close to the edge and she thought that meant play so she scooted back and fell off the bed backwards. I took her to the vet ER immediately they...
  2. Splint care and tips

    Dog Health Questions
    My 12 week old border collie was running around playing with my older dog jumped off the couch, landed wrong and broke her leg. The vet splinted her left hind leg and gave some meds for pain. Shes still super restless and uncomfortable (no surprise) any tips on how to help her? We put her on a...
  3. Help with puppy and leg

    Dog Health Questions
    Let me explain everything. My 4 month old puppy broke a bone in her knee. She was trying to climb a kids gate and it fell down. Didn't know at first it was broken. Yes I took her to get x-rays as soon as I say that she wasn't using her one hind leg (I wasn't home when it happened). The first...
  4. Our puppy fractured his leg! Any advice welcome!

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, We have had the pleasure of raising the most beautiful and crazy Bull Terrier (Elvis) for the last 4 months. I remember reading threads about mouthing/biting/socializing etc and thought that would be the biggest issues we'd face with him. But this past weekend changed everything. I was...
  5. Pomeranian Puppy with 2 Broken Legs

    Dog Health Questions
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