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  1. dog breeds

    General Dog Forum
    Hi there, My girlfriend and I have recently been looking at various dog breeds, and the one that keeps popping up is the Brittany. Lots of spaniels and sporting breeds have been popping up as well, but we just worry that if we don't give them a "job" (agility or hunting) they will be too...
  2. Breed Suggestions?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello everyone! I'm a newbie here (although I have been reading these threads for a while now). I'm looking for some feedback on what breed you folks think would suit my family, so hopefully someone can help. Here is some background on us! My boyfriend and I live together currently in an...
  3. Is it possible for a 10 week old puppy to mark?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So Henry's GREAT. No, really, he is. He's a 10 week old Brittany who is getting house-training down (went to the door of his own accord today! Good lad!), is getting better with being so bitey (except after a play-date with his Aussie friend :/ ), and only gets up once at night. However there...
  4. Help me not screw this up!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    So I've been working on crate-training Henry (new little 8 week Brittany), and here's the thing... he's doing REALLY well. He'll whimper once in a while, but then settles down and either goes to sleep, or plays quietly. My old dog took months and had to work through separation anxiety before he...
  5. Yup, he's gonna be trouble.

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Meet Henry, the Brittany!
  6. Brittanys

    General Dog Forum
    I'm curious as to the forums thoughts/opinions on the Brittany breed. I recently adopted a French Brittany and am loving her! She's a tiny bit timid but not terribly so. Here's a picture of everyone: She's the one nearest the hand. :) Baggins - that's her name. :) I know the French...
  7. 11 Month Old Puppy and New Baby's Arrival

    Dog Training Forum
    I have an 11 month old male Brittany puppy who has not been fixed. We got him a week before we found out we were expecting a new baby. My husband has been training him for hunting and, until the new baby arrived, he has had really good house manners. We try to give him plenty of individual...