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  1. Which breeds fit?

    Attention All New Members
    I have been trying to post in the general dog forum, but can't so hopefully this will do. I have been searching the temperament and care requirements for breeds, yet I have not been able to find a pooch that fits. This is the care I can give and what traits I am looking for: -medium size...
  2. Samoyed / Sled dog mix in an apartment?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all! It will be a while till I actually contact a breeder, but I am just planning ahead. I have considered a lot of breeds and thought about what kind of a companion would suit our lifestyle. I've heard samoyeds are very active, kind and loyal, which I believe would suit us very well and...
  3. What breeds does my new puppy have?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    [/url]rsz_20170415_182440 by jessicaspangler, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]Publication3 by jessicaspangler, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]rsz_120170414_114425 by jessicaspangler, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]rsz_14p4l_dogs_available_for_adoption_-pic-page-0 by jessicaspangler, on Flickr[/IMG] :wave: Would love any...
  4. Just Adopted a Shelter Puppy

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone. I just registered here. A little over a week ago I adopted a puppy from a local shelter. She and her sister had been abandoned somewhere; their (big) ears were infested with ticks, and they were apparently half-starved--the little girl I adopted could barely stand up when she was...
  5. Australian shepherds as agility dogs

    General Dog Forum
    Im not sure if its in the wrong section or not, but oh well I today asked my agility teacher what she thought of Australian Shepherds. She told me that they were too heavy, and would be much slower than my current dog (who is a working labrador), and that I would be disappointed, and they were...
  6. Aussie Agility

    General Dog Forum
    Sorry, double post, ignore
  7. Kelpie, Mal, or Aussie?

    General Dog Forum
    I've already decided that my next dog will be a Mudi. I have found the perfect litter, so I can safely say I am currently not thinking of getting the dogs in question any time soon However, I cannot decide which of these breeds I prefer over each other, as the breed I like second best, and was...
  8. Favorite Breeds?

    General Dog Forum
    I'm curious to see who likes what breeds around here! It's nice to see a forum that is dedicated to ALL breeds, not just big dog or little dog specific. As for me, I currently have a Miniature Pinscher but my favorite breed[s] are Rottweilers, Dalmatians, Aussies and Dobies. :)
  9. Pug or Golden ?

    General Dog Forum
    Okay, so I mentioned in my introductory that I just recently got a new puppy named Charzard! (Here is a picture of him: https://www.hubub.com/208525/208656) My boyfriend is planning on getting a dog himself. We can't decide if he should get the same breed or get a pug. Is it good to stick to...
  10. Hello, thank you for receiving me in DogForums.com

    Attention All New Members
    I´m from Portugal and I just got me a lovely and extremely sweet female six month old puppy from the abandoned dog shelter in my hometown. She was found roaming in the streets when she was only a few weeks old, then she was adopted by a lady living in an appartment and then sent back to the...
  11. First Time Dog Owners

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi everyone, Thank you in advance for any advice! My partner and I, having lived in Central London for the last few years will be moving out to a more suburban setting, and would dearly like to get a puppy. In terms of our lifestyle, my partner works full time in the City (7:30am - 7:00pm)...
  12. "Bettering the breed"

    General Dog Forum
    I very often read, on this forum and on some other ones, that a good breeder is a breeder who aims at bettering his or her breed. I have to say I am always perplexed by it because to me, "bettering" sounds vague, not to mention that different people will have different conceptions of what is...
  13. Need help identifying breeds my girlfriend sent me pics of

    General Dog Forum
    I love my girlfriend and she really wants a puppy, she sent me pics of the ones she would want most. I want to surprise her by getting her one. I could really use some help in identifying the breeds exact as can be. Please help! :)
  14. Help!!! What Breeds are My Dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all! I adopted my first mixed breed dog from a shelter in Southeast Ohio about three years ago, and I know that his mother was a Golden Retriever (she looked to be pretty close to full bred). But I don't know what else he is. His name is Tom, and he weighs about 100 lbs. I was thinking...
  15. calling all breed detectives: help us identify our pup's mix?

    General Dog Forum
    hiya all, our family is adopting a sweet mutt from a very cool rescue organization in the near future. before she joins us, we're trying to get a sense of our new dog's likely breed mix, so we'll have a better idea of what her exercise needs are likely to be, good ways to work with her, and...
  16. Reccomendations on Breeds

    General Dog Forum
    Hello. I have a 1 year old Beagle/Jack Russell mix named Chloe. She is a great dog who loves to play but is very hyper (in a good way). We are looking to add a second dog into our family, but we are trying to find a companion that would "mesh" well with her. We are confused on what breeds would...
  17. Designer dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    Just curious... What does everyone think about "designer dogs?" I'm not saying i don't like the dog, but i don't like the idea of mixing two dogs together and calling it a breed, which some people do. To me, we already have enough breeds of dog. Some people say Labradoodles are a breed because...
  18. Which breed do you like best from this group

    General Dog Forum
    Feel free to give your reasons