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  1. What breed is my rescue?

    General Dog Forum
    I guess the question I really want to ask is what breed does my rescue look like? I'm relocating from the US to France (with some travel to the UK) and I am planning to take my baby dog with me, only I am aware that these locations have strict breed restrictions on all pit-bull "type" dogs and...
  2. The mystery black tricolor puppy..! What can he be?

    General Dog Forum
    My first dog a rescue puppy, what kind of mix is he? Hello there my name is Adam. Story about my beautiful rescue puppy... I want to share my first puppy experience so far. I live in Sweden and during year 2013-2014 I was an exchange student in the state of Texas, USA. A few days before...
  3. New here - What breed is my dog?

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone, I'm having hard time finding out what cross breed my rescued dog is. He is solid black with some white spots, brown eyes, floppy ears, skinny, medium sized,long legged and has a long pointy nose. so I'm guessing maybe he's a whippet mix? Here are some photos (he's 6 months old by...
  4. What breed is my little girl?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello all! I rescued my little Ari two weeks ago. Was told she is some sort of Corgi/Doxie/Basset Mix. I think she's too big for that at 27 pounds! I think she may be Corgi/Lab?? She's fully grown, brownish-black coat and white markings. Her ears are as big as her head, and I absolutely adore...
  5. I'm trying to find the right breed for me, PLEASE HELP!

    General Dog Forum
    Hello All! I need help deciding on a dog. I have been trying to use different sites that ask you questions but they are all missing something in terms of questions. The dog I’m looking for is: 70lbs or less, strong, robust, can handle rough terrain, can tolerate cold and hot weather (no...
  6. What is my dog's breed? (pic included)

    General Dog Forum
    Hello everybody, We adopted Tiki from another family that needed to find a good home for her. They told us she was a papillon, but from what I researched about papillons they're normally a lot smaller than this. My best guess is some kind of papillon mix? Maybe papillon/border collie? No idea...
  7. What is she?

    General Dog Forum
    Roxy is an Australian Shepherd Mix. I got her from a friend and the mother is a full blood brown Australian Shepherd (don't know the technical name). But Roxy doesn't look like her at all. She is now 1yr and 9mos. Very well behaved, sweet, loving, SMART, does tricks (even catch frisbees!), calm...