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  1. Anyone with Catahoula experience

    General Dog Forum
    I am looking to get a puppy and there are a ton of Catahoula mixes here (it's a popular hunting dog). Unfortunately, they are usually pound dogs so it's hard to know what the parents are like. I'm curious what people's impression are of the breed. I'd be looking for a dog that will go to the...
  2. Hello! Is this size normal for my chi?

    Attention All New Members
    So I just woke up curious this morning about my dog's breed. When we bought him, it stated he was a Chi, but when I really look at him he isn't as bug-eyed as most and is a bit larger in size. He's around 10 lb and about 17 inches wide and 8 inches long. Do you guys think he might be a mix, or...
  3. introduction and a big question- Pitbull?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello all! Just joined the site and I am a new owner of a 2.5 month old puppy. He is already twenty pounds and very energetic, as expected. However, I am having a hard time accepting that he is a Pitbull. He was found in a garbage can around 2 weeks, assumed to be a pit and given to a...
  4. What Breed is Sabina?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I got a puppy on the 4th of July. I was told she was a Jack Russel with the rare tan recessive gene, but I've had others tell me she's not a Jack Russel. Can you tell what breed she is? She has the energy of a Jack Russel. She is tan with a black stripe along her spine and a white strip...
  5. Pitbull (APBT)/Collie Crossbreed...Breed info please??

    General Dog Forum
    My dog Rosco is a 7 week old APBT/Rough Collie mix. I know all dogs grow differently but has anyone ever had or known one so I can have some idea of what to expect? Mother is a "purebred" Rough Collie, father is a "purebred" APBT. Both small. He has a great temperament and is a very fast...
  6. Can you help me identify this puppys breed?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all, I am considering adopting this puppy from a shelter, but i have a 7 year old son and want to be sure (or as sure as I can be) about the dogs background before I commit. I know he's a mix but not sure of what. Thanks in advance!