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  1. congestive heart failure diagnosis vs broncopneumonia confusion

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, new to this forum I do not know what to think now, we thought our little Mitsy had conjestive heart failure but turns out that her main problem right now is her right lung. I would like your input as what you think We have an 11 year old (in november) female chihuahua that's been the...
  2. French Bulldog Breathing Heavily.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, I really need help figuring out whats wrong with my french bulldog. He sometimes start breathing really heavily, making kinda like snoring sounds and he looks like he's got something in his throat that he will throw up (he doesn't, just looks like that). He doesn't do this regularly of...
  3. Euthanasia or Surgery? First Time...Please help.

    Dog Health Questions
    My boy Nickie, 15 years old shitzu, is really going through a tough time. I my self am 25 and since I got him (on x mas eve) we have been inseparable. I tell people (Who may not understand) he's like my son, and I do everything with him...Everything. This is the first time I have had to make...
  4. Post Spay- High Heartrate / Breathing

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, just had a quick question about our 6mnth old Weimaraner, who had a spay and stomach tack yesterday. She has been eating and drinking normally, and the wound looks fine, but she has an increased heart rate and breathing, probably 3 times faster than normal even when she is sleeping. We...
  5. URGENT. Breathing Heavily Panting and Whining.

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog seems to get them in spells. At times he is ok. But other times he seems like he is having a hard time breathing, then he starts to pant and whine. What is this?? I'm nervous to leaving him like this over night.
  6. 15 Month old Lurcher - Sudden Death

    Dog Health Questions
    Thank you to anyone reading and I appreciate all help or suggestions. We had a 15 month old female lurcher, much loved and adored, who yesterday died. I was hoping by describing this sequence of events someone out there would be able to point me to a possible cause. She was in general good...
  7. Coughing and getting tired

    Dog Health Questions
    hey all, I have a question regarding my dog before I get a visit from a vet. I have a 9 year old chihuahua variant, he is a mixed breed so he's not exactly the smallest chihuahua, kind of the size of a jack russell. Recently he starting coughing and acting like something is uncomfortable in...
  8. 8-month old pekg. shaking and breathing heavily

    Dog Health Questions
    hello, my 8 month old Pekingese just got spayed 2 days ago and is acting very strange, she was shaking all last night (spasms coming from her lower body) and walking weird, also acting strange. She is also breathing heavily from time to time with her tongue out, usually to the side. She did...