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  1. URGENT - Please help. 4th day in ICU - neurological issue unclear.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hoping for some help or direction. Our 2.5 year old english bulldog Jaxson had what appeared to be a seizure Thursday night (July 28th) and 4-days later is still in ICU with cause unknown. Will try to give as much detail as I know. Suggestions, own experience, help would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Dimentia and what to feed to improve?

    General Dog Forum
    Yorkie may have dementia. She doesn't respond to her name, paces around the room, stopped barking, sometimes stuck at corners, etc. My question is could it be due to a dog attack where my GS bit her on the neck shoulder area and she had to recover from that at the emergency months ago. Her neck...
  3. One pupil dilated

    Dog Health Questions
    Chocolate lab - 1 year this month. Male neutered I noticed about an hour ago that my dog's eye was dilated. Just the one. He is acting normally, playful, good appetite, drinking, normal stool and urine, and no other notable symptoms. I didn't see him hit his head. We'd been rough housing a...
  4. Help with dog head trauma.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey everyone I just signed up to the forum because I have a question about my puppy. I got him when he was about 4 weeks old, I did not know that puppies were supposed to stay longer with their mother and neither did the irresponsible breeder. (he is a male black and brown mini chihuahua)...