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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I have a 12 week old Rottweiler puppy and a 3 year old Boxer. I'm new here and hoping to get advice from other dog lovers as well as share my experience so far. Looking forward to getting to know you. Gemma :wave:
  2. Dog Health Questions
    It is a very specific question, here's some context: Our boxer had a litter of 10 puppies, one died when it gave birth, 8 are in perfect health, there's a female runt that was born very weak and very small. She barely moves at all since she was born, and had a lot of trouble just to eat, being...
  3. General Dog Forum
    Meet Skye, our newest family member. The shelter labeled him as a Boxer - Greyhound mix. I think the Boxer mix is a little easier to agree with than the Greyhound side. The tapered waist, deep chest and gallop says greyhound to me, but I would like more back-up. However, he tends to sniff...
  4. General Dog Forum
    After much deliberation and countless visits to the Humane Society, pet store adoption drives and county animal shelters, we finally have our buddy Skye almost 2 weeks ago. While I had hope for something with more manly pizzazz, I let my 4-year old daughter name him after a cartoon character she...
  5. Dog Health Questions
    My Mom has a Boxer that she found on the side of the road as a little puppy. She was a normal puppy but when she was around 18 months old [She's now 4 years old] she started becoming aggressive. We've just assumed that she is a "reactive" dog, but it has been difficult for my Mom as she has 6...
  6. General Dog Forum
    This litter of pups was outside our fence this week. Lost or abandoned we're not sure, no one responds to our posted "found" sign, although 1 has a collar but no tags. We're thinking of keeping 1, but really not sure about the mix. We're wondering if it's either pit bull - Jack Russell (1st...
  7. General Dog Forum
    Hi, I’m new here and look forward to your expert advice. We are currently building a boutique hotel in a resort village in Mexico and want the protection of a guard dog. After research and recommendations, we have just about narrowed it down to the Boxer – and we’re considering adopting two of...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm a ****** transplant living in Mexico, and I'm looking for advice on adopting new dogs. I'm posting the description in the General Dog Forum. I hope you'll read it and offer any advice you feel is appropriate. Gracias, itchai
  9. Dog Pictures Forum
    This is my aunts new rescue dog. He's an American Bulldog and Boxer mix
  10. New Member Introductions
    Boxer owner from Virginia. Bronx is his name. Ben is mine. Here he is, showing off his under bite.
  11. Dog Health Questions
    Hello all, I'm Ben and this is Bronx. This is the bump. Any ideas? It showed up maybe a week ago. It's doubled in size. He doesn't seem particularly bothered when I touch it, not that I touch his butt all that often. He's being boarded on Monday night so the vet can check it then, but...
  12. Dog Sports/Show Forum
    My boxer is a hiking fanatic. She loves to be on the trail and exploring the woods. Does anyone else take their dogs out hiking? I would love to hear of any good places you enjoy taking your dogs to. I travel a lot and Im always looking for new places take my dogs on a hike. Look forward to...
  13. Dog Pictures Forum
    Here are some pics of my Boxer Mia and my Boston Terrier Koda. :)
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hello, my name is Nic i live in Little Rock with my 2 dogs. Mia is an AKC Boxer female and Koda is an AKC Boston Terrier male. I am trying to begin conformation showing and would really appreciate any advice that anyone would have for me. I have been going to dog shows since I was 6 years old...
  15. General Dog Forum
    Hi everybody, I haven't owned a dog for years, but I recently got new roommates in my apartment in Brooklyn, NY, and one said he would be bringing a dog. I was excited and said I would be happy to help, but that I didn't want it to be MY responsibility. He said that it wouldn't be on me to take...
  16. General Dog Forum
    I get asked all the time what my big 55 pound dog is. I know shes a boxer mix... When I got her she had a long typical boxer tail and we had it docked because she absolutely HATED her tail and she would keep getting it cut open. I think I spent 10 times the money in stitching her tail then I did...
1-17 of 51 Results