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  1. Boston Terrier Yelp

    General Dog Forum
    Hello everyone, I have a boston terrier she is 11 months old. She suffers from seizures, and is on Phenobarbital for them. She eats an organic food without wheat or gluten. Two days ago she started letting out a little yelp, it sounds like she may be in pain. Their doesn't seem to be a trigger...
  2. Post-spay Question About Stomach Area

    Dog Health Questions
    We recently had our Boston Terrier puppy spayed and everything went well. She's 8 months old and was spayed at 6 to give you an idea of the time frame I'm referring to. Now that she's fully healed we've noticed a funny feeling object under her skin close-to if not directly under her incision...
  3. Reintroducing Puppy to Sleeping in Crate at Night

    Dog Training Forum
    We have a 5-month old Boston Terrier puppy that is crate trained for use during the day while my wife and I are at work. When given the "bed" command she goes to her crate and waits for your to close the door, and of course, give her a Kong filled with tasty treats. She slept in her crate at...
  4. New to Owning Dogs, Looking for Breed Advice

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello all, my name is Koco and I'm new to the forums. I've wanted a dog forever but was never allowed when I lived with my mother, and I had been doing pet-sitting for years. I moved out on my own a little over a year ago but still thought I was too young to have a dog. It wasn't until I...