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  1. First Time (Potential) Owner, and Working During the Day

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Yes, it's yet another "can I leave my dog(s) home alone" thread. I would normally just consult an existing thread, but it seems every one I find has some critical difference in circumstances that renders it invalid for my case. I'm in the process of getting a dog, or rather, in the process of...
  2. Best Toys for Bored Shepherd?

    General Dog Forum
    My big boy, Naches, is part Australian Shepherd and Chow. This is great because he has his lazy moments and his hyper moments. However, we just recently got him and he is really bored. We cannot trust him outdoors without a leash quite yet but we take him out as often as possible. Anyway, he...
  3. Is my dog depressed?

    Dog Health Questions
    So, I'll try not to give my dog's entire life story here but I feel like I need to provide backstory or something. So, bear with me. My dog has seemed rather depressed in the last few months. She just turned 4 years old and I heard that is around the age that dogs begin to mellow out and...
  4. Help with destructive chewing

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello all, I have an almost-2 y/o mix-breed who LOVES to chew. During the day while I'm at work, I normally crate her to prevent destructive chewing, but when I come home, she's full of so much pent up energy that I can't possibly exercise her enough. Because of this, and because I don't feel...
  5. Increasing exercise needs in puppy

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My question is if puppy's exercise needs typically increase when they hit adolescence? Is puppy exercise a positive feedback loop (i.e. the more the puppy gets, the more it needs)? I know it takes more exercise to tire me out when I'm working out regularly than when I'm more sedentary. When do...
  6. What is wrong with my dog? Why is his red all over?

    Dog Health Questions
    Every once in a while (every 2 weeks or so) my dog's entire body looks very red, almost as if he has been bitten all over his body. To make things worse is he stratches himself constantly causing himself to bleed. The scabs then ich some more resulting in an endless cycle of stratching and...
  7. How do I make a kong last longer?

    General Dog Forum
    I have a 14wk old Jack Russell, he has a puppy kong, I stuff it with sandwich pastes like chicken or beef, he seems to be able to empty it in about 5mins! How do I make it last longer? Or does he need a different size? Thanks
  8. Getting my dog interested in toys?

    Dog Training Forum
    I just adopted a 2 year old dog, probably a lab/pitt mix. He's actually shockingly well behaved and trained for a shelter dog, but there are still some quirks about him I haven't quite figured out. One of them being that I'm not sure how to effectively occupy him while he is alone. So far, it...
  9. Over active dog? Or is he still just bored??? Help!!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! I have an 11 month old Black Labrador who I absolutely adore. He is crossed with a cattle dog, so he looks just like a small Lab. The problem I am having is this. He is digging up our yard, barking at everything that moves when we are not home, and generally being a little terror. Only when...
  10. Barking Issues

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all, I have a four month old border collie named Finn. He's generally really well behaved and has been so easy to train...except with barking. He barks in the morning when he's bored and I'm still trying to sleep (after we've been outside and he's had breakfast) and when my roommate or his...