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  1. Just give a dog a bone?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello! I just received a few sterilized bones I really have no idea what to do with them & I would appreciate the most detailed of 'directions'=) 1. Do they need to be refrigerated? 2. How long will they last before being opened? I noticed some 'oil spots' in the box they were shipped in, is...
  2. Resource Guarding (came out of no where)

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi All, We have a young golden retriever + cocker spaniel mix (basically a miniature golden retriever). He is 10 months old now, weighs about 30 lbs and is the sweetest dog. We have had zero issues with Resource Guarding until the other night while he was eating a meaty bone. Below is a...
  3. Whats a good durable chew toy?

    General Dog Forum
    Ii have a 1 year old alapaha blue blood bulldog. I have bought several chew toys, but the all end up destroyed within a day or two. I need something thats more durable.
  4. a million questions about chews...

    Dog Food Forum
    I have a 6- almost 7 month old norfolk terrier pup who for his size is a monster chewer. he's got all his adult teeth now but still wants to chew pretty much constantly. i've been giving him bully sticks since i got him (actually the breeder gave them to him when he was tiny too) and he LOVES...
  5. dog ate a chicken bone, please help :(

    Dog Health Questions
    So Sunday afternoon my dog got into the trash while I was gone. I came home and found empty El Pollo Loco boxes on the floor and absolutely no bones to be found (there were 4 missing). I walked him several times because I figured he'd be sick but he only had normal solid feces and seemed fine...
  6. Bones for Dental Health

    Dog Food Forum
    So, I've noticed some tartar build-up on Rascal's teeth lately, and I was thinking about swapping out his usual rawhides/chew sticks for some raw meaty bones to help clean his teeth. I've browsed through the forums, but a lot of the recommendations tend to be as a part of a full raw diet...
  7. Swallowed Chicken Bones

    Dog Health Questions
    During the night sometime my dog got a hold of some chicken bones and remains of a chicken we cooked last night. We aren't quite sure how, but we need help now. He kept waking us up in the middle of the night to be let out 3 times, when normally it is only one time per night to go to the...
  8. Raw food Diet help

    Dog Food Forum
    I'm doing research to begin the transition to a raw food (prey model, barf...etc) diet for my 9 month old goldendoodle Reuben. Could anyone recommend some good reading? He's a healthy pup, but we got to thinking about it the other day & basically we just want to do what is healthiest for him...
  9. Big bones?

    Dog Food Forum
    As a chew toy (not food), how is giving your dog a big bone? Petsmart sells a big knuckle and even bigger mammoth bone, but I've heard to avoid those as being too hard and probably soaked in chemicals. Or are they ok? I have a much better petstore (http://www.petsage.com/) nearby and I was...