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  1. Help please, is this Boerboel?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi guys, please excuse me in advance if this isn't the correct forum to ask this question, but I need some help to identify what kind of dog is mine. The guy who sold it to my parents told them it's a Presa Canario, but looking at pictures in the internet, he doesn't look like one. We've been...
  2. Spaying my dog

    Dog Health Questions
    I usually get dogs from a shelter and even as puppies come spayed/neutered. I just got my first pure bred dog from a breeder. She's a boerboel. I have no intentions on breeding her myself and wanted to avoid her going into heat for various reasons. I planned to have her spayed between 6 and 8...
  3. Weight prediction of a mastiff

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have a Boerboel who is 33lbs at 14 weeks. She has gone through a lot like a change in food and is getting over a bladder infection. Her stools are formed and hard again and her appetite is picking up. She just had an exam and the vet predicted she will be 75-80lbs. The vet did ask me "what's...
  4. Meet Dallas my new Boerboel

    Attention All New Members
    Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum and introducing my new puppy Dallas. She's a 14week Boerboel. I look forward to interacting with everyone hear and learning a lot! Here are some pics of Dallas her mom (black) and her dad (brindle)...
  5. Turkish Kangal, Boerboel, and Presa Canario

    General Dog Forum
    What are your opinion on the three dogs that I listed in the title? Are they good dogs to own? I own an Akita at the moment and a hound mix, and have owned other dogs before this one.