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  1. Long-term Boarding

    General Dog Forum
    I have to board my new puppy for 2.5 months later this year. I have an internship and I cannot bring my puppy to my family home. Rowan is a Great Pyrenees and at the time of boarding he will be 7 months. I currently have 2 options I'm considering. 1. Take him to a nice kennel that offers ample...
  2. Leaving Puppy at Board & Train

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My boyfriend and I are going away for the holidays next week, and our trainer recommended that if we're leaving anyway, we may as well put our 6 month old pup in a 2 week long Board & Train program to work on her obedience while we're gone. I researched and found a great program - it's on a...
  3. Dog Boarding Criteria

    General Dog Forum
    We are going on mini-vacation later this summer and taking Lincoln with us. We can take her everywhere we are visiting with the exception of 1 day. Would you recommend crating her in the cabin for the day or boarding her somewhere? When selecting a kennel/boarding service, how do you...
  4. 2 year old pittie dies from bloat after spayed earlier the same day

    Dog Health Questions
    A female pit Chica who we were able to pull from the euth. list and who was about to go into foster passed away from bloat overnite while boarding at unstaffed vet office. Earlier that same day she was spayed then brought back to boarding were she had been for two weeks. The vet office were she...
  5. Doggy Daycare and Boarding

    General Dog Forum
    I'm starting a cage-free dog daycare & boarding business in L.A. soon. For anyone who lives in a metro area and uses cage-free daycare or boarding: 1) Is it on your normal route or do you go out of the way? 2) If it's out of the way, how far out of the way is it (distance and drive time)? 3)...
  6. Doggie daycare

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, i'm new to this site, so apologize if this has been posted before. I'm a new puppy owner, we just adopted a 2 months old puppy about a month ago. He is adorable but a handful. He just got his rabies shots and finally can now be around other dogs. I want to start putting him in daycare...
  7. Decent, inexpensive dog boarding in Jackson, Mississippi?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi there, This is mostly to anyone who lives in the great state of Mississippi. My husband and I are going to be traveling through Jackson on our way to Texas this weekend and we are thinking of staying at a hotel that doesn't allow dogs. His work is paying for the hotel, and, well, we want to...
  8. Big trip days away dogs to be boarded...any tips to keep me sane

    General Dog Forum
    Okay our big trip is just days away and we will be boarding our dogs for 10 days...I know that is a long time....but my grandparents usually keep them but they can't this time so my husband and I decided to board them.... They will be boarded at their doctors office and they have someone stay...