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  1. Howdy! Poison dog food?

    Attention All New Members
    Long time dog mama here. I am doing some small research to try and find what kind of dog food would be the best for my dogs, because we used to buy Blue Buffalo, and just found out that there is a class action suit because of lead poisoning in the "life bits" which are the vitamin additives...
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  6. Raw vs Cooked vs Premium Kibble (Rhodesian Ridgeback wont eat)

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi everyone, So I brought home my rhodesian ridgeback about 3 weeks ago and have had so much trouble with his food. He was on the diamond brand chicken for puppies (breeders food) for two weeks when he was weaned off of mom. We started him on nutro natures choice puppy chicken which he didnt...
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  8. Puppy Not Gaining Weight???

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello, all, Duke has been with me for five weeks now. He was born sometime around early December, so I guess about 4.5 months. At the pound, during the week before I got him, they reported he had gained 8 pounds. He had tummy troubles when he came home and the food they were feeding him...
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    We're starting our March Promotion with 20% off your order of dog food or dog treats. We offer premium brands such as Acana, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Nature's Variety, Orijen, Wellness & ZiwiPeak. Just use coupon code, PAW, at checkout. This offer is good for this week and ends March 7, 2014...
  10. Blue Buffalo causing tear stains?

    Dog Food Forum
    I'm not not sure if anyone's asked this or not but my little Henry Bear (shih tzu, 2yo) has wicked tear stains and has had them since I rescued him in June and switched him from the rescue's suggested Science Diet to Blue Buffalo Small Breed Chicken and Rice. Has anyone else had this...
  11. Blue Buffalo vs. Activa vs. Taste of the Wilderness vs ???

    Dog Food Forum
    Looking for a new dog food for my girls. Im tired of paying Blue Buffalo prices when I know there are other brands available. Currently, they are on Blue Buffalo Wilderness (Grain-free and high in protein). I saw some posts on here from last year about Activa that it contains bad ingredients...
  12. Issues with Science Diet Puppy Lamb Meal and Rice

    Dog Food Forum
    My five month old Border Collie/Aussie Shepherd mix was being fed Science Diet Lamb and Rice puppy food since 8 weeks old. I went and bought a new bag of the food and the lady at the pet store said it had new labeling and was the same food as the previous food. The new bag now said "healthy...
  13. Puppy with diarrhea, need puppy food suggestions!

    Dog Food Forum
    My wife and I unfortunately lost our two adult dogs this past July, one to cancer and the other to a stroke. We just recently purchased a Yellow Lab puppy (he's a "Dudley"). He is currently 9 1/2 weeks old and weighs 18 1/2 pounds. We have had him for approximately 2 1/2 weeks. The breeder...
  14. diarrhea?? blue buffalo?

    Dog Food Forum
    i recently got a four month Siberian husky, his previous owners had him on benifull, but i wanted him to have better food than that. so i started him on blue buffalo wilderness puppy formula. i give him 3 cups and 3 quarters a day. the recommended is 3-4.25 cups.. i feed him 3 times a day, 8am...
  15. New puppy, switching food question...

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi and thank goodness I found a site like this! We just adopted our Boston Terrier (8 - 10 wks old) and named her Piper. The family we got her from had been feeding her IAMS Puppy food, so I went out and bought a bag of it since I thought keeping her diet the same would be my best bet...
  16. Target stores in my area. What happened to the decent pet foods?

    Dog Food Forum
    Maybe I'm just crazy and losing my mind, but I seem to recall Target carrying, in addition to the usual low-to-middling quality "supermarket" pet foods, decent brands such as Dr Foster's & Smith, Newman's Own Organics, and PetGuard. A recent trip to Target's pet food aisle (to tide my animals...
  17. Blue Buffalo dog food?

    Dog Food Forum
    I switched my dogs from Eagle Pack Holistic Select fish to Blue Buffalo fish when EP was taken over by WellPet. My dogs have been eating Blue Buffalo since May (about 5 months). All of their poops are inconsistent, as far as soft or hard. (Generally on the softer side). My younger girl...