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blow drying

  1. 6mo old TT thinks grooming is play time; brush is a toy.

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Knowing that at 9 months, Ollie's adult coat will start to come in and the matts will take over, I have been trying to get him acclimated to the pin brush. It's not going so great as he obsessively attacks the brush. I try to distract him with a toy while I brush, but he doesn't fall for that...
  2. Drying--towel or blow dry?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I visited two different groomers the other day to talk to them about Tweed's coat. It's going to have to have good care, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wouldn't cost as much as I had been led to believe. Anyway...one shop said that bathing him once a week was too much, that I'd...