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  1. Bladder mass visible in ultrasound

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi I have a 13 year old female pug who has never been spayed. For the last several months, she has been peeing a small amount of BLOOD (usually 2-5 drops of blood) when she has emptied her bladder. She had an ultrasound of her BLADDER, which revealed this mass (see picture). She doesn't seem...
  2. Results on SuperChem/CBC

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, anyone who knows more about blood workup like other dog owners or vet techs/veterinarians: Are Thyroids included in a SuperChem or CBC?
  3. Not eating x.x;

    Dog Health Questions
    So my pup is a small pup, they are prone to low blood sugar, so eating IS very important. Well I've been to the vet three times already because my dog just won't eat. I've bought two types of dry food and one canned and nada. What gets me MORE mad is that when she gets offered food at the...
  4. Question about Spaying

    Dog Health Questions
    I just got my dog, Lucy spayed 4 days ago and the first two days she did really well. She wasn't paying attention to it at all but when she would go to the bathroom her pee is darker than it normally is and she cried when she pooped. I changed her dog food (I give her half and half of two...
  5. A little red in puppy poop?

    Dog Health Questions
    I just took my puppy out a few minutes ago and noticed a little red in his poop. It wasn't a lot and it was right on the end of where it started to come out. I just took him to the vet a few days ago with a stool sample because he was having diarrhea. The vet said he couldn't find anything in...
  6. Blood in Urine after Sex

    Dog Health Questions
    My female dog has had blood in her urine all day. Our male dog has been actively trying to have sex with her. We aren't sure if it's actually happened yet. But would she bleed after they did since this would be her first time?
  7. Scratch on white portion of eye

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, first time poster, but will probably become quite active once we make this new addition to our family. Wife and I are considering this french bulldog puppy and are concerned about a scratch on the white portion of the eye shown in the picture. It's small and doesn't appear to be...
  8. Beagle With Bloody Urine

    Dog Health Questions
    My 10-year-old beagle has been having health trouble lately. It started with frequent urination, so the vet treated him for a urinary infection. But he still was straining to go to the bathroom, so the vet did a sonogram and found a mass in his bladder. Occasionally, my dog would have little...
  9. 15 Month old Lurcher - Sudden Death

    Dog Health Questions
    Thank you to anyone reading and I appreciate all help or suggestions. We had a 15 month old female lurcher, much loved and adored, who yesterday died. I was hoping by describing this sequence of events someone out there would be able to point me to a possible cause. She was in general good...
  10. What is wrong with my dog?

    Dog Health Questions
    I took my dog to the vet, but he hasn't given me any answers yet. She has to stay overnight and possibly longer. She is coughing and vomiting blood, has blood coming out of her nose, has labored breathing with a short-quick hacking sounds, is very lethargic and can barely walk. She won't eat or...
  11. My Bloodhound Puppy!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    My Bloodhound Puppy! *updated 21 September* Everyone meet Baldwin! He is currently a 12 week old pup :) I plan on updating every week or so with pictures so we can watch him grow! 9 Weeks 10 1/2 Weeks
  12. dog ate a chicken bone, please help :(

    Dog Health Questions
    So Sunday afternoon my dog got into the trash while I was gone. I came home and found empty El Pollo Loco boxes on the floor and absolutely no bones to be found (there were 4 missing). I walked him several times because I figured he'd be sick but he only had normal solid feces and seemed fine...
  13. 4 year old dog sneezing blood

    Dog Health Questions
    Ok so my dog Cosmo has had a rough few weeks. About 2 1/2 weeks ago he started bleeding from his nose. He had been sneezing for a week or so prior to the blood. But he started sneezing a lot and bleeding every sneeze. I talked to a friend who said not to worry it's probably just a cold try...
  14. 2 y.o. Weimaraner with bloody diarrhea

    Dog Health Questions
    My 2 y.o. Weim woke up this morning with urgent diarrhea (went on the floor, which she NEVER does). This has persisted all day and now tonight her diarrhea had some blood in it. I am taking her to the vet first thing in the morning, but could use some advice to ease my worrying. Initial...
  15. Please help Puppy with Parvo and already lost one

    Dog Health Questions
    last Monday we lost our beloved 6 month old Rottweiler to Parvo. Diagnosed and died the same day. The next day our 5 month old Chihuahua came down with it. I took him to a new vet for treatment because the last didn't help at all. This vet put him on SubQ fluids with antibiotics, antiviral...
  16. Blue's Bo-bo..check out pics on profile

    Dog Health Questions
    my dog woke up this morning with a bleeding bum. any ideas what its from? check out my profile for pics. its not his bum but a spot beside it ...:( he's been "quiet" since last night too,
  17. Bleeding from her Urine.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi.. my dog Thundra is so energetic & playful 11 years old staff ford shier terrier. her overall health is excellent. However, I recently discovered blood her in urine. We did Xray test in case if she has a stone in her kidney which came out to be negative. Her blood test is 98% fine as well...